Three Types of Soft Armor

Soft armor is a type of body armor that is designed to provide comfort while still providing protection against blunt trauma. Bullets cause blunt trauma to the body, and body armor must protect against this energy. Because of its flexibility, it can be shaped to allow the wearer to move freely and reach over or around obstacles. If it is designed correctly, it can provide the wearer with the protection they need while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Some types of soft armor have metal or ceramic plates to prevent the penetration of pistol or rifle bullets. Tightly woven fiber layers also protect from slash attacks. These layers are typically worn by butchers and abattoir workers. The advantages of wearing such armor outweigh the disadvantages. The following three types of soft armor may be a good choice for you. If you need protection from firearm rounds, consider wearing a hard shell.

Steel or ceramic plates may be used to reinforce soft vests. Tightly woven fiber layers and metal components can further enhance the protection provided by soft armor. Many private citizens, police forces, and security guards wear soft vests. Because of its flexibility and comfort, soft armor can be more comfortable and convenient to wear. Some people still doubt that a lightweight bulletproof vest will be effective against a bullet, but it’s important to understand that a bullet’s kinetic energy dissipates into a shear and tensile force as it hits the body.